December (D is for Dark and Dim) Workspace

This was my morning:


See how dark it is? Yes. Thank you for that, shortest day of the year. Thank you so much.

But the flipside of all this dim is that from here on out the days are getting longer, and there is at least the remote chance that soon during the week I’ll get to work on art in natural sunlight. (Shush, let me have my illusions)

To make sure you don’t leave on a depressing note, here is an out-of-focus phone pic of my cat last weekend gracing my drafting table with her presence. She’s good at that. Notice the piece of 12×18 board protecting my painting in the above picture? Guess why that is? (Hint: kitten paw prints over paintings do not a great look make)


Please note the sunlight. Like my cat, my battery pack is best charged with solar energy.

Sun, please come back. We miss you.


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