Leaping into Design (Leap Year Cards WIP)

(Okay, pardon the bad pun…)

My parents throw a leap year party every (you guessed it) 4 years. I’m happily putting together a little postcard they can send out to invite their friends to the soiree! What a fun project, right?

We talked about some design options while I was up at their place over Christmas, and decided a front/back postcard would suit their needs best. Front would be a cute little illustration, back would contain the invite information itself.


We decided to go ahead with an hourglass design, with a leaping frog, which lead to this color sketch:


The frog wasn’t all I was hoping for, though, so I moved on to what is now serving as my final rough draft:


Much better!

Left to do: clean up a few things and get out a ruler, then on to final inks and watercolors on watercolor paper (using one of my favorite tools, my lightbox). The back will be fully designed using some of the same motifs from the front, so look out for a future post with the finished project.

Any questions? Ask away! Or email me at claireelizabethwhitmore@gmail.com

I also have an active instagram account: seeclairedraw


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