Capricon 36! Wherein I Showed Art

Well this is slightly after-the-fact, but I went to Capricon 36 (a lovely little convention down in Chicago) and took part in my first-ever art show!

Since I’m late in the game reporting these fun times, I won’t go into too much detail. But it was a great experience and full of great people I’m delighted at having met and learned from. I got to meet Karen Ann Hollingsworth ( who is just delightful, and my friend Sam ran the art show, and although she was running around being All Important, she also showed art herself (

In sum: lovely humans, lovely art, lovely time.

(From now on I’ll talk about art shows BEFORE they happen, not after. ;P)

Here’s what my stuff looked like!


I also sold prints!

You may notice those items that look a bit like cards. A bit like cards that you can buy… 😉 More on that very (very!) soon. Stay tuned!


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