Snapshots of my sketchbook…

So I’m working on something Pretty Darned Cool (capitals required) and it’s also something I’m really proud of… but I’m going to reserve a whole post for it. Curious? Stay tuned!

(Hint: it’s called CC:Otherworlds, and it’s a year long, joint art project I’m participating in!)

BUT that is a post for tomorrow. 🙂
Today I figured I would share some of the things I’ve been doing in my sketchbook recently. Many of these have been posted to my instagram (@seeclairedraw) which you should follow if you like off-the-cuff snapshots of my work!

These were done using a little strathmore notebook I keep in my backpack, a waterbrush pre-filled with water, and my watercolor set and a set of water soluble pencils. In one case, I also used a dip pen.


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